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Arling Lumber is proud to distribute Engineered Wood Products from Boise Cascade – available in truckloads, units, or cut-to-length packages.

BCI® Joists are made with Versa-Lam® LVL Flanges and enhanced OSB webs. BCI Joists span further than conventional lumber counterparts while using less wood. When high strength, long spans and superior quality are desired, BCI Joists are the joists of choice. AJS™ I-joists have solid-sawn spruce flanges for a wide flanged joist.

Sizes Available 5000 Series BCI 60 Series BCI 90 Series BCI 24 Series AJS
2″ LVL Flange 2-5/16″ LVL Flange 3-1/2″ LVL Flange 2×4 MSR Flange
9-1/2″ 11-7/8″ 11-7/8″ 14″
11-7/8 14″ 14″ 16″
14″ 16″ 16″

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)
Made of high quality veneers. Versa-Lam LVL eliminates nature’s flaws to create a superior beam product. Versa-Lam LVL comes in a convenient 1-3/4″ ply for easy handling and to match framing widths. When high-strength and long span beams are required, Versa-Lam LVL is the product of choice.

Sizes Available: 7-1/4″ 11-7/8″ Design Properties: Fb = 3100 psi
9-1/4″ 14″ Fv = 290 psi
9-1/2″ 16″ E = 2.0 x 106 psi
11-1/4″ 18″

Rim Board
BC Rim Board ™ is a high load rated rim board. Because of it’s strength, blocking panels and squash blocks are not required where BC Rim Board is used. It is available in depths of 9-1/2″, 11-7/8″, 14″ and 16″ to match BCI depths.

Arling inventories Simpson Strong-Tie hangers to make the engineered floor and roof systems complete.

To help our customers with these products, Arling offers the following services:

Placement Plans
Beam Sizing
Jobsite Delivery
Take Off Services
Cut-to-Length Orders
Training Classes
Flexible Stocking Dealer Programs

Additional Information

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Boise, BCI Joists, Versa-Lam, AJS, and BC Rim Board are trademarks of Boise Cascade Corporation.

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