6P.E.T. Services
Holtec Saw

Our Holtec Selecut (V) Precision Crosscut System will “Precision End Trim” any item in our inventory:

·PET within +/- 1 mm (.040)
·Planer finish
·Any width or stud length, i.e. 2×4-81 1/4″, 2×6-94 1/8″, 2×6-116 5/8″
·Pre-trimmed floor joist
·Pre-cut pallet stock

Delivery Services
Arling’s Guaranteed Delivery

Your business environment has never been more competitive. To help you compete, Arling Lumber provides Arling’s Guaranteed Delivery (AGD). We can guarantee delivery of your truckload order within one business day. With Arling’s fleet of trucks and legendary delivery service you are always in stock. With AGD, you can sell with confidence knowing Arling Lumber is standing behind you.